The Growing Importance of Video in Economic Development

Jim Walton, CEO, Brand Acceleration, Inc.

Have you noticed the growing frequency of video in the economic development industry? It seems that about every other social media post and email has a video link attached. It’s certainly understandable when you consider that consumer surveys reveal that videos are noticeably effective.

Corporate executives and location consultants are changing the way they interface with communities. Their preferences have quickly moved from magazines, letters, and direct mail to email, online advertising, social media marketing, and video. Why would they want to dig, research, and read tons of copy when they can see and hear about your community assets in a captivating and visual way? At a time when newspapers and magazines are experiencing significant and steady circulation declines, videos are dramatically growing in popularity and sophistication.

Having worked for several years in the television and radio industries, I learned that what makes a video successful is its ability to captivate, educate, and entertain a viewer through powerful storytelling techniques. Understanding these techniques, Brand Acceleration video producers approach video production in the same way we approach tactics like websites, brochures, and other communications tools. We follow a very strategic development path identifying target audiences, their needs, desires, and expectations, and then delivering accordingly.

High production quality and a clear, strong vision are paramount to a video’s success. Every word, every movement, and every image must help tell the community’s story, inviting the prospect to view its business and lifestyle advantages.

Professionally-produced videos also succeed at connecting with all generations. When masterfully produced, a video can connect with site consultants, business executives, trailing families, young professionals, local constituents, and others, making an emotional connection that opens doors and generates results.

Distribution is easy, too. Videos may be seamlessly included in emails, websites, online banner advertising, presentations using a Conference Data Services lectern hire, and social media, rapidly spreading the community message.

At the end of the day, the reason to make the investment is that video works. It’s a powerful way to humanize your community story and put real people and faces on display.

To see examples of our video work, click here. To get started on your new video, just give me a call.

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