Your organization can have the most beautiful, most well-executed marketing materials possible, but if your audience doesn’t understand them, they serve no value. As business and economic development efforts become more global, it’s critical to present materials in the language of target audiences.

Translating materials demands more than plugging copy into an online translation site or app. Small subtleties and minor differences between regional dialects and cultures can lead to wording and design differences that inadvertently offend your audience or embarrasses your communities. That’s why the Brand Acceleration team works with human translators who understand regional dialects and the wording used in global markets.

We can translate everything from single-page flyers, to your existing website copy, to websites created specifically to support an overseas trade mission. We can also provide video and audio materials in other languages.

Here are examples of translated materials that we’ve produced.

Japanese Brochure

German Brochure

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Randy Mitchell
White County (Indiana) Economic Development Organization

When our White County Economic Development Organization had two 7-minute videos produced by Brand Acceleration, we asked that they also be translated in Mandarin and Japanese in preparation for our Far East business recruitment trip. We were amazed at the response by prospects in Japan and China upon viewing, as they found the narrative to be accurate, easily understood and colloquially correct.