If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a million. The most descriptive copy in the world can’t compare with giving your audience a firsthand look at what it is that makes your area an excellent choice for their businesses. Video offers a compelling window into all of your advantages.

From community profiles, to drone tours of sites, to comments from current employers in your region, video provides solid evidence of what your area has to offer in a non-intrusive way. Our team creates videos (and audio programs) that will enhance your ability to engage your audiences and cultivate fruitful relationships, and that can easily be translated for global audiences.

Your community is made up of wonderful people, great places, and much more than can be said in a brochure. We’re talking about beauty that is far beyond a social media post. Great photography can mean the difference between a mediocre marketing effort and visual success. High-quality photography ensures that audiences see the value of your community, leaving them with a positive first impression.

Here are examples of ways we’ve used visuals within economic development strategies.

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Randy Mitchell
White County (Indiana) Economic Development Organization

In 2015, our organization requested that Brand Acceleration develop a strategy to depict the advantages in locating to White County, Indiana. We were pleased with the result, as Brand Acceleration produced two 7-minute videos that visually highlighted the benefits of locating in White County as well as our quality of life. Prospects find this presentation method to be a solid approach for us to convey our message.

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Greg Anderson
Town of Brownsburg, Indiana
Economic Development Director

Talk about raising the bar! Brand Acceleration delivered our vision through a retail video describing the quality of life, lifestyle and family-oriented nature of our community. The videos were produced to be timeless and show a vibrant community that continues to grow and mature from its roots with the homegrown, national, and international businesses that call Brownsburg home. Thank you, Jim and Colleen, for delivering a video message which will continue to support what Brownsburg is all about.