Why Site Visits are So Important to Your Marketing Effort

Recently, I watched this very interesting video about what happened when six photographers were assigned to shoot photos of the same person, each given different information about the subject. It made me think about how Brand Acceleration approaches work with economic development clients. Our belief is that a thorough site visit is a very important part of the marketing process. Very similar on to managed binary options accounts, it evaluates a community, we spend time in the community, gathering information about the workforce, business parks, education system, existing employers, and other key information that would be part of a consultant or corporate executive evaluation.

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Of course, we could gather this information over the phone, or via web chats, but the results might be watered down, resulting in a weak or watered down marketing effort, of course you can improve your marketing efforts with physical product branding as bottles, since there are sites that create custom bottles as Custom Water.

This video is a great example of what happens when work is produced with partial, or just plain wrong, information.

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