Boring Turkey, Again?

Last week, our family had the annual discussion about which dishes should be on our Thanksgiving menu. “We always have the same old things. We need to change it up a bit,” one person said. “But, I really like the traditional dishes,” someone else said.

The marketing communications industry faces a similar discussion. On one side of the argument, some people believe such tactics as web, social media, blogs, webinars, e-magazines (such as Rants from the Brand Coach), and e-discussion groups are the only way to go. As a marketer, you must produce powerful content which is interesting, entertaining, and educational, helping the audiences do their job.

On the other side, you have traditionalists who believe tactics such as direct mail, e-mail, phone calls, and media advertising are the best approach. Sadly, there are those who believe these “old” forms of marcom are outdated, old fashion, and useless. They’re wrong!
Just like the Thanksgiving dinner, there’s room for the old and the new. Smart marketers understand how a well thought out program includes a balanced approach, reaching audiences in multiple ways. Just because direct mail isn’t as cool or doesn’t command the buzz of social media doesn’t mean it won’t work. At Brand Acceleration, our team analyses audiences to determine just the right mix of old and new in order to generate results for our clients.

So, whether your Thanksgiving dinner includes turkey and baked beans or tofurkey and vegan stuffing, just remember that life offers vast choices, all of which are great. Marketing techniques vary just as widely. In the right combination, they are all delicious.

Happy Thanksgiving. Eat up!

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