Finally, It’s Our Turn

One of the challenges of being a busy marketing and public relations firm is that it seems nearly impossible to get any work done for ourselves. Since we started Brand Acceleration in 2006, we’ve had the same website and almost no collateral materials. We’ve talked about and planned for a new website for years, but whenever I asked about the status of our new site, I was reminded of the backlog of client work. I would often be asked, “Who comes first – Brand Acceleration or paying clients?” In our office, everyone knows that clients always come first and it’s difficult to argue with that.

The cobbler’s children have no shoes
While the origin of this phrase is unknown, it’s a very common phenomenon that business people put the needs of their clients ahead of their own. I’ve seen owners of auto body shops that drive rundown, rusty old trucks while doing beautiful work for their customers and I’ve visited the home of a professional plumber where the pipes leaked. I guess it’s a common occurrence, and Brand Acceleration is no different. Even though our website was very nice when we launched the company, it was clearly no longer representative of the company today. Our client list and portfolio was nearly non-existent when the site was built, potentially doing more harm than good. We desperately needed a change. I would cringe anytime someone said, “I looked at your website.”

When it came time to get serious about a new Brand Acceleration website, we had to do some much-needed evaluation of the company and its core businesses. From day one, we’ve been committed to being completely focused on two industries – economic development and AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction). These are industries we love and ones in which we know we can make a difference.

On the economic development side, we knew our clients and prospects would want evidence that we deeply understand their industries and audiences. Our new website would have to provide evidence that we will be a valuable resource to communities looking to us for marketing support.

For AEC firms, we would need to demonstrate that we are capable of doing much more than designing a pretty brochure or website. We would have to show that we are just as committed to their target industries as they are. That’s why we attend end-user sessions and often conduct meetings and conference calls with owners, facility managers, and building administrators. We feel it’s our responsibility to know these industries so well that we bring our clients solid counsel that helps them be better marketers.

Finally, it’s our turn
When launch day finally came, we had created a new Brand Acceleration website that was not just meant to show off how cool or creative we are, but one that would demonstrate that our team is the ideal marketing communications partner. Made up of highly-skilled strategists, writers, designers, programmers, public relations experts, and project managers, the Brand Acceleration team is crazy passionate about one thing – generating results for our clients.
Our new site is clearly segmented into our areas of specialization. It also has an area where visitors can see featured projects that show our creativity and how we think and serve the needs of our clients. There’s a testimonial area where visitors can see what our clients and friends have to say about us. Many thanks to each featured person. We’re deeply grateful for your kind words and friendship.

If you want to check out my qualifications as a marketer and a professional speaker, check out the Brand Coach section. I often speak at economic development and AEC conferences and meetings and would be honored to be considered for your needs.

Check it out!

After years of stalls, delays, and procrastination, the cobbler’s children finally have new shoes. The new Brand Acceleration website is live and looking good. I encourage you to visit it and check us out. We’d love to be your marketing communications and public relations partner. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss how we might be of service.
I’d like to hear your opinion.

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