The Lost Art of Appreciation

As we approach Thanksgiving 2010, I can’t help but consider the many people whom have played an important part in what has been a very good year for me and Brand Acceleration. Like most of us though, I am often lax when it comes to expressing my appreciation.

As parents, we teach our children to always say “please,” “thank you” and “you’re welcome,” but I sometimes think we do a poor job of teaching them to truly understand and appreciate the importance of others.

When I was a child, it was very common for people to write thank-you cards and notes whenever someone did something nice. Of course, that was a time when letter writing was the norm. I remember watching my mother sit down to write letters to her friends and family members. It gave her and them great joy. Today, things are quite different. In the fast-paced, 140 character society in which we live, we’ve eliminated many of these formalities. A heart-felt thank-you letter has given way to a text or FaceBook message saying, simply, “THX.”

None of us succeeds in business or life entirely of our own doing. We get ahead as a team, not as individuals. In my life, I can easily identify the sources of my joy, and I am so grateful for what has been a wonderful year. To our employees, customers, families, vendors and many friends, I say thank you.

You are my blessings.

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