Looking Forward with Optimism

Call it whatever you want; a to-do list, New Year’s resolutions, or even a knock-out list. Many of us see the beginning of a new year as an opportunity to reflect and renew. After a year that for many was brutal, we look to 2010 with all of the hope and inspiration we can muster.

Fortunately, 2009 ended with many signs of economic recovery. New unemployment claims are declining, and a number of employers are beginning to call back employees. The housing market is showing signs of recovery, too. New home starts are up, prices are up and inventories are declining. Additionally, consumer confidence and retail spending are both up.

As a result of my many “Good News” articles, people who see me at meetings often walk up and tell me their own good news stories. They tell me of sharp increases in the number of construction industry RFPs, new project starts, projects being funded or taken of the hold list and economic development inquiries. Even the architecture industry is seeing new activity. This is a great indicator of new projects entering the pipeline. There are also signs that the motorsports industry is improving. Sponsorships are up and advance tick sales are lively. Whew — maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel!

At Brand Acceleration, we’ve spent much of the past few weeks looking forward to the New Year; reflecting, reviewing, considering opportunities, making plans and setting goals that are strategic and measurable. In an ever-changing industry, we must be constantly aware of new opportunities to serve our clients. In the next few weeks we’ll be announcing exciting new services and staff additions that will improve and expand the way we serve our clients.

The New Year also means a renewed commitment to our core industries. Economic development, architecture/engineering/construction, real estate and motorsports are at the center of everything we do. Except for new services to be announced soon, we will continue to provide such services as strategic marketing communications planning, logos, websites, e-newsletters, television and radio advertising, video, event management, and a full range of public relations services.

It’s an exciting new year with new opportunities. So, set your goals, pump up the team and get out there and make great things happen.

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