Travel Blog: Jim and Colleen Attend SEDC’s Meet the Consultants Conference

By Colleen Walton, Marketing Strategist, Brand Acceleration, Inc.

and Jim Walton, CEO, Brand Acceleration, Inc.


Colleen and Jim were in Dallas April 18-21 for the Southern Economic Development Council‘s Meet the Consultants event — a day-and-a-half conference that brings together economic development professionals and regional site selectors to discuss trends in the industry.

Here, they talk about their trip.


Colleen:  My trip to Dallas started off kind of weird.

Jim:  What happened?

C:  I got recognized by a TSA agent.

J: That is weird…

C:  He looked at my ID, looked at me, and said, “I’ve seen you before, haven’t I?”

J:  That’s a sign that you travel a lot.

C:  You’re telling me…


J:  We got to have Bojangles chicken together!

C:  Yes!  We were at this same Bojangles eating the same meal (the two-piece leg-and-thigh combo) exactly a year ago. 

J:  We do love Bojangles. I wish they were in Indiana.

C:  I think I once heard Bob Leak jokingly pronounce it bo-HAHN-glaze, and I can’t unhear it.

J:  I remember Bob and a few other guys doing crazy Rick Flair “Wooo…” imitations in Kansas City. There’s something I’ll never unhear.

Jim and Colleen at the T7 Bojangles in the Atlanta airport.


C:  Meet the Consultants is one of my favorite events of the year.

J:  Agreed.  The sessions are really great.

C:  You spent more time in the sessions than I did (Note: I herniated a disc about four days before MTC, so I spent a good share of the conference in bed). What’d you think?

J: As always, the sessions were outstanding. I was especially interested in a session where site consultants spoke about trends in technology, robotics, and cyber security. These are huge disruptors.

Jim with Jubal Smith of JLL


Brand Acceleration hosted a pre-reception reception in the Second Floor Kitchen bar.  Fifty lucky conference attendees received free drinks on us.

J:  That reception was amazing.  We had such a huge turnout.

C:  The bar was packed with SEDC people.  Everyone had a great time.

J:  We know economic developers love great conversation and free drinks. That’s the perfect combination.

C:  We need to do that again at the Annual Conference.

J:  Oh, definitely!  We’ll have to print more drink tickets.

C:  They’re a hot commodity.


We used our free afternoon to stuff ourselves full of Texas barbeque.

J:  What was the name of that place?

C:  Oh gosh… it was a pun… Cattleack.  Like Cadillac, but meaty.

J:  We stood in line for what… an hour?

C:  At least!

J:  But it was worth it.

C:  I ate a pound and a half of pork ribs.

J:  I’ve never been more proud of you. I’ve seen you devour a tray of oysters, but had no idea what you could do with a platter of ribs.


Colleen and Jim in DFW’s E Concourse.


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